South African LD Triathlete of the Year 2011/2012

I have done a lot of races in my career, and this year I was starting to feel a bit bored – the same big name races year after year, some with podium finishes, and some catastrophic flops. I really felt a need to get that feeling of excitement back, of when I first started in the […]

It has been a bit of a crazy schedule, trying to squeeze in almost 5 races in 4 weekends, but France will always be my premier destination for racing! Triathlon is big here and I just love the race atmosphere here :). So, after my first race in Le Mans where I got a second […]

True to the photo – Indian Ocean Tri Mauritius

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There is talk of places to see before you die, but I have to add to the list of races to do before you die! Although I have now completed the Indian Ocean Triathlon 3 times now, it still takes the number 1 position on my list ahead of ANY Ironman or big name race! Having […]

Photo: Stephane Subert Three times racing at the World LD Series in Weihai China now, and this city in Shandong Province and its warm people are growing on me each time! This is a wonderfully and very effeciently organised event and I am very pleased that Weihai has been awarded the 2014 ITU World LD […]

Two pictures and two podiums this week! Yes, this is my last week in France :….( and I thought I would bang in two races before leaving. As Wednesday was apublic holiday in France, I decided to do a race in the town of Nevers – which is, in fact where the LOOK bike headquarters […]

Le Mans is a town in the Sarthe region of France, known for its motor racing, but it is also the host of an equally exciting triathlon – the Le Mans International Triathlon. It has been a challenging year for me so far, injury, illness, stresses and not the form or results that I would […]

Saturday morning saw me do a last minute flight to Port Elizabeth, with a duel purpose – ‘participating’ in the ATU African Cup and attending the TSA awards evening on Sunday evening. I have to honestly admit that I cannot remember when last I did a draft legal race! Call me a little ‘old school’ […]

Guadeloupe – yes, I know, where the hell is that? I exclude all my French friends from this comment, as, although it is far removed, it is indeed a department of the French metropole. So, for the benefit of the geographically challenged I have inserted a map indicating the location of this butterfly shaped island. It […]

There are some races I will simply never forget. Usually, one would expect these to be races that I have won or fought an impressive battle, but no, I did not win the Indian Ocean Triathlon, and even though I got a credible second place, this is far from the reason that this has to […]

Crazy ideas are something I am good at coming up with. One has to say that doing a half Iron distance race, 6 days after an Ironman is pretty crazy, or some would say just plain dumb! Despite the obvious stupidity, there were some reasons why I decided to take on this ‘6 day’ feat…. […]

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