South African LD Triathlete of the Year 2011/2012

Today I completed my first solo flight as a student pilot – a feeling not too disimilar to completing your first Ironman! For those not in the know, this means taking off in an aircraft, without your instructor, and flying it around by yourself before landing it safely, while your already terrorized instructor holds his breath […]

My ‘girls’ may not be large or make me a potential model for Victoria’s Secret – I would like to claim that this is due to the fact that I was genetically engineered to be an athlete ;), My point is that even though I may not be well endowed in the chest department, and I […]

Photo: Stephane Subert Three times racing at the World LD Series in Weihai China now, and this city in Shandong Province and its warm people are growing on me each time! This is a wonderfully and very effeciently organised event and I am very pleased that Weihai has been awarded the 2014 ITU World LD […]

Winter and the chilly weather which accompanies it are just not my thing! As much as I try I cannot avoid the seasonal depression triggered by the dark mornings and thermometer which guages temperatures below 20 degrees…nevermind the very scary 1 or 2 degrees! I am a complete cold weather wimp and will do whatever […]

There is something about new shoes that I just love. I am not talking about Jimmy Choo Choos (no triathlete would), but rather, about my ‘high-inducing’ running shoes! That said, I have no shame in admitting that I have had a love affair with the Asics brand since I first started my running career – […]

Another weekend and another road race podium! After my third place finish at the Vaal 21k last week, I stepped up one this week with a second place at the challenging Remax Half Marathon :). This one was a nice surprise considering that I woke up T.I.R.E.D (the favourite 5 letter word of all Ironman […]

Guadeloupe – yes, I know, where the hell is that? I exclude all my French friends from this comment, as, although it is far removed, it is indeed a department of the French metropole. So, for the benefit of the geographically challenged I have inserted a map indicating the location of this butterfly shaped island. It […]

  I only eat carrot sticks – or so the myth goes! Nobody ever questions the contents of the plate of an Omnivore, or Carnivore for that matter, but heaven help you if are a Vegetarian! I have been a “full – on” Vegetarian for 18 years now, yes, that’s right folks, no animal, fish […]

I have been back in SA for nearly 3 weeks now, and most of that time I have spent admiring my Asics running shoes from the comfort of bed at 6am! Were it my choice, it wouldn’t be that way, but after 4 months solid racing and training in Europe, my body was in no […]

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