South African LD Triathlete of the Year 2011/2012

I have done a lot of races in my career, and this year I was starting to feel a bit bored – the same big name races year after year, some with podium finishes, and some catastrophic flops. I really felt a need to get that feeling of excitement back, of when I first started in the […]

There has never been a doubt in my mind, that whenever I have been dealt an extended period of bad luck, challenge or whatever you may call it, there is always hope, because I know it must, and it will change. The bronze medal that I achieved in Weihai last week was not necessarily my best […]

For the first time in a decade I wasn’t on the beach for the start of Ironman South Africa last weekend. Last week was the cherry on the cake of what has been a disasterous tri season so far – on Tuesday I was involved in an accident on my bike. A commuter was travelling […]

    Last week was probably the most eventful week I have had all year – starting with Friday with car trouble, the Saturday puncture on the bike and no gas canisters left, the race in Midmar sadly cancelled due to the appalling weather, then finally on Sunday decided to go for a long run […]

Trirock Durban and the start of a new local season for me. Like any other person from inland Gauteng, the idea of a Durban trip is always exciting – especially if we have justified excuse to escape polluted Joburg! Many, many moons ago, it was spectating a race called the ‘Durban Ultra’ that captured my tri […]

Less than 24h Le Mans

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So after a lengthy break from racing after Ironman SA, Special and I landed in my favourite place in the world to race – France :). The idea is to spend a few weeks getting away from the cold in SA, and get some sort of speed back in the legs. For the first time, […]

Today I completed my first solo flight as a student pilot – a feeling not too disimilar to completing your first Ironman! For those not in the know, this means taking off in an aircraft, without your instructor, and flying it around by yourself before landing it safely, while your already terrorized instructor holds his breath […]

Ironman South Africa 2014 kicked butt – mostly my own ;D! I went into the race feeling quite happy with my form, having won the SA LD Champs just a month before, but the new course, and the perpetual uncertainty of what can happen during such a race, clearly gave m reason to be nervous. Being […]

Midmar Dam in KZN has, in the past, not been a venue of good fortune for me when it comes to triathlons – two previous races there ended in the medical tent (a broken collar bone and a bad case of dehydration), so clearly I was a bit nervous racing there again! Since my final race […]

True to the photo – Indian Ocean Tri Mauritius

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There is talk of places to see before you die, but I have to add to the list of races to do before you die! Although I have now completed the Indian Ocean Triathlon 3 times now, it still takes the number 1 position on my list ahead of ANY Ironman or big name race! Having […]

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