South African LD Triathlete of the Year 2011/2012

There is one thing more frustrating than the airline themselves…. THAT passenger! Anyone who has been on at least one flight will be able to relate – after all, there is always at least one on every flight. I have to confess to probably being a bit annoying myself – I am always the passenger […]

Riding bike with guys, and here I mean REALLY good guys is always going to be a painful experience if you’re a girl. Given my less than spectacular race results in 2011 so far, I am feeling determined to remedy the situation, not by dwelling on what has gone wrong, not on what race is coming up, […]

Admittedly, after a spectacularly flopped race at Ironman SA, I did go AWOL. With the participation of a German tourist… good friend, I decided that a road trip around SA, to explore it’s possibilities, with no plan in mind, sounded like just the thing to forget how months of training amounted to a big face […]

Ironman. One week to go! It is amazing how quickly I forget the pain that it causes, but then suddenely, as the race gets closer, I am involuntarily reminded…. by the IRON MARES. Scarier than any part of the 80’s horror films Nightmare on Elm street! Iron Mares are the type of dreams or rather […]

. There are 20 days to go before I take the start of Ironman South Africa….EEEEEEEKKKKKK! The closer D-Day gets, so do the memories of how painful an Ironman can be! The reality usually sets in at the time when training volumes decrease, lingering tiredness turns to enthusiasm, and the mind-body prepares for the task ahead… So in […]

It has been two weeks now since I have taken possession of my new wheels – the Token! As this is my personal space, I think I have the freedom to say exactly what I think! Token is not yet a big brand in the sport, especially if one looks at Ironman bike counts or magazine reviews, […]

Quitting is always YOUR decision. What drives one to quitting a race is very personal, yet, what I can say is that if you do it, then the pain better be far worse than the feeling that comes with calling it quits! Let me illustrate… Today, was my first ‘race’ of 2011 and the long […]

What to do when the snow is literally up to your knees? Well, Rocky would say ‘I’ll show them who the F… Alice is!’  So after a good 10k warm up, running, high knee action through the deepest snow I have ever seen in my life, I was ready for my first training session on […]

Records are meant to be broken, and if I had thought that this one was vaguely possible, I would certainly have brought my bike with me to Germany! Yesterday went down as my coldest bike ride EVER! Those who complain of a Jo’burg Winter, have got ALOT to learn… Many people know that there are […]

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