South African LD Triathlete of the Year 2011/2012

Records are meant to be broken, and if I had thought that this one was vaguely possible, I would certainly have brought my bike with me to Germany! Yesterday went down as my coldest bike ride EVER! Those who complain of a Jo’burg Winter, have got ALOT to learn… Many people know that there are […]

Wardrobe failures, These have happened to just about everyone. If you’re a celebrity, everyone gets to know about it (just ask Janet Jackson ūüėČ ), for the rest of us, we prefer just to keep it to ourselves, and never venture out wearing that “thing” again! While we tend to think that these mishaps only […]

McGyver has to go down on my list of all time heroes. Growing up in the 80’s, I think that there was¬†a single¬†episode that I missed! Not only¬†did Richard Dean-Anderson make great eye candy, but a guy who was not afraid to get dirty, was athletic and intelligent enough to ‘maak ‘n plan’ in almost […]

In my current spirit of keeping things fun, ahead of what I predict will be a big racing year in 2011, this week I decided to enter a nocturnal Trail race, organised by Mr. T. I must firstly emphasize that I have NEVER done a trail run, and especially not at NIGHT! Given my very¬†limited […]

Following my post-racing season slump, and the subsequently (rightfully) advised rest period,¬†this week I have found myself in a much improved state physically and mentally :). As a result, I¬†found myself ready for some new endorphin –¬†producing action, but with the stipulation that it should not be overly taxing, and of course,¬†fun! So, I was […]

It has been what I can call a ‘mostly’ succesful year for me, and as we are in the last stretch of the year, with most of the racing done (for those of us who race all year!), it has¬†signalled the time to take stock of what has been accomplished, and what needs to be […]

I think the term was first coined by Comrades Marathon legend Bruce Fordyce. The ‘Plods’ refers to a temporary impairment of an athletes abilities – in layman’s terms this means you have the strength of Hercules the one day, and then the next you have nothing, and I mean N.O.T.H.I.N.G! This is very different from […]

I love exploring. I think if David Livingstone was born at the same time, I might have beaten him in the discovery of Vic Falls and other dark corners of Africa :). So, this weekend, when I was offfered an invite to explore the northern part of Kwa-Zulu Natal – on a bike – it […]

What could have been a Sunday morning lie-in (but never is anyway ;-)), turned into an epic bike day. The idea was suggested by Graham Paton,¬†and scared me a little, considering I haven’t ridden more than 3h30 since my last Ironman (less than a month ago), and theoretically, I am still in “recovery” mode… ‘Caroline, […]

Everybody has a mentor. Sometimes, at the time they step into our lives, we don’t realise that the impact will be everlasting… It was at¬†the age of 14, that¬†I first found my interest in the two-wheeler¬†called the bicycle. The choice for me in high school was simple – either walk the 3k or ride the […]

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