South African LD Triathlete of the Year 2011/2012

Le Mans is a town in the Sarthe region of France, known for its motor racing, but it is also the host of an equally exciting triathlon – the Le Mans International Triathlon. It has been a challenging year for me so far, injury, illness, stresses and not the form or results that I would […]

France has to be my most favourite place to train, 3 weeks have already passed since my arrival back in Poitiers, and my silence has been due to my selfish enjoyment of everything this great country has to offer. As everyone has been asking what training here is like and how things have been going, […]

Winter and the chilly weather which accompanies it are just not my thing! As much as I try I cannot avoid the seasonal depression triggered by the dark mornings and thermometer which guages temperatures below 20 degrees…nevermind the very scary 1 or 2 degrees! I am a complete cold weather wimp and will do whatever […]

There is something about new shoes that I just love. I am not talking about Jimmy Choo Choos (no triathlete would), but rather, about my ‘high-inducing’ running shoes! That said, I have no shame in admitting that I have had a love affair with the Asics brand since I first started my running career – […]

¬†I have a nifty gadget watch that counts down the days til race day, and today, it is shouting out 2 days until Ironman South Africa. This will be the 8th time that I compete in this event. I firmy believe that no two races are the same, and even though I have done this […]

Saturday morning saw me do a last minute flight to Port Elizabeth, with a duel purpose – ‘participating’ in the ATU African Cup and attending the TSA awards evening on Sunday evening. I have to honestly admit that I cannot remember when last I did a draft legal race! Call me a little ‘old school’ […]

Another weekend and another road race podium! After my third place finish at the Vaal 21k last week, I stepped up one this week with a second place at the challenging Remax Half Marathon :). This one was a nice surprise considering that I woke up T.I.R.E.D (the favourite 5 letter word of all Ironman […]

It is never advisable to go to war with half your artillery of weapons, but sometimes in racing, it is worth taking the chance against all the odds. Today, a mere 19 days and 7 training ‘jogs’ since the 6 week lay off that I had with the stress fracture in my foot, I decided […]

2012 started out a little unexpected for me. Some things good, other things very good, and of course some unexpected not so good! The past 5 weeks I have been off the road – running, that is! A stress fracture in my foot (4th metatarsel), caused, not from over-training or letting a heavy object fall […]

Guadeloupe – yes, I know, where the hell is that? I exclude all my French friends from this comment, as, although it is far removed, it is indeed a department of the French metropole. So, for the benefit of the geographically challenged I have inserted a map indicating the location of this¬†butterfly shaped island. It […]

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